FREE Mystery Bracelet with any Custom Bracelet!

FREE Mystery Bracelet with any Custom Bracelet!

Swedish Summer Ring

Swedish Summer ring – a burst of vibrant joy encapsulated in a ring. Embrace the essence of sun-kissed meadows and cheerful blooms with this delightful accessory adorned with primary-colored illustrated flowers. Inspired by the whimsy of a Scandinavian summer, each petal dances with the playful spirit of the season, infusing your look with a sense of fun and brightness. Whether you're strolling through city streets or picnicking in the park, let this ring be your companion, radiating warmth and charm wherever you go.

Features and Benefits:

Safe: breaks with pressure
Comfortable and relaxes after a few days of wearing it!
Breathable channels to let air flow in and moisture to escape.
Width: 5.5mm

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