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5.5282 N, 87.0574 W.

My coordinates lead to Cocos Island, Costa Rica.

"That’s where I met Charissa in July 2013. Back home, we lived on opposite sides of the country - but once we crossed paths in Costa Rica, I instantly fell in love.

Bryce & Charissa at Cocos Island
Over the next three months, Charissa and I were inseparable. The only time we spent apart ended up being the most dangerous part of my trip.

I’d traveled to Costa Rica to film a TV show called The Operatives. With a team of other "eco-warriors", we worked to stop criminal threats to wildlife.

Bryce and team on their ship.

Our first mission was on Cocos Island, 365 miles off the coast of Costa Rica.

This was the worst trip I’ve ever taken: the weather was horrible. Some of the crew was disabled. We lost a quarter tank of fuel and one of our engines. Our small ship was no match for the growing waves.

We almost sank twice. But I knew I had to make it back to Charissa...”

So 63 hours later, after navigating through some of the roughest weather I’ve seen, my team made it to Cocos Island.

We spent nine days working with local authorities to stop the illegal fishing that's destroying the island. We were able to stop 12 boats - and those are days I will never forget.

I left of piece of myself at Cocos Island and I knew I had to go back. And once I did, I'd marry Charissa on that island.

After our campaign was over in October, I convinced Charissa to move to North Carolina to start a life with me. In August 2014 I proposed to her at Pilot Mountain.

She said yes!

Then, we got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go back to Cocos Island - and Charissa and I became the first couple to get married there.

The first ever wedding at Cocos Island.

At last, my dream came true: we'd found each other.

Buy the ticket, take the ride,
Bryce Mahoney

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