All Custom Bracelets Are 50% OFF For A Limited Time

All Custom Bracelets Are 50% OFF For A Limited Time

Custom Cross Bracelet

  • Black
  • Dark Caramel
Customize your Custom Cross Bracelet!

Your Cup is Overflowing

It can be challenging to feel grateful for all of our blessings. Anxieties can creep in and consume the day. Temptations stand in our way and force us to question what we believe. But this is all part of our journey. Give thanks not just for the happy things in your life, but the sad things as well. We’ve all been blessed with a full range of emotions and each one shapes us and makes us stronger. They allow us to see God more clearly. Release the burden of seeking joy and know that it will find you so long as you say, “Thank you, Lord. Thank you for everything.” Give thanks for every single moment you have in this beautiful world and you will truly know all your blessings.

In a village at the edge of a jungle in Bali, each bracelet is hand carved from natural water buffalo horn  and woven into an adjustable nylon thread band.

Maximum length: 8 inches 


As each symbol is made from natural materials, the color will slightly adjust over the first few months of wear as it takes on elements that are a part of your life journey. Salt water, perfumes, and natural oils will give each bracelet its own look that is uniquely yours.