Celebrate what matters most with a Custom Gift!

Celebrate what matters most with a Custom Gift!

ARE LOST. -tolkien

The story of Wanderer Bracelets

In 2014, a twenty-one year old left for Bali and got lost riding his motorbike through the jungle.

He stumbled upon a village of talented artisan carvers struggling to make a living and asked them to make a bracelet to bring back to his friends.

Inspired by the Tolkien quote, “Not all those who wander are lost,” he realized he wasn’t lost after all and was exactly where destiny intended him to be.

Soon afterwards Wanderer Bracelets was born, creating a reliable source of income for these incredibly talented Balinese. Each bracelet serves as reminders to embrace what you value most - the people and the places you encounter on the path of life.

We began making customized bracelets so that you can wear the coordinates of your favorite places and the initials of your favorite people. Our mission is to create unique bracelets that inspire our customers while providing work that empowers the artisans we partner with in Bali.

Gray Coordinate  Bracelet

What's your favorite spot on the map?

Crossed Paths Bracelet

Who has crossed your path & changed your life forever?

How Does Purchasing a Bracelet Impact the Lives of Our Artisans + Their Families?


On average, artisans we have partnered with have seen a five-fold increase in income, this means they have the power to provide needed health-care, education and proper nutrition for their families.


Historically, the Balinese are known as skilled painters, carvers, weavers, musicians, and dancers (amongst many other things). Every time artisans carve a bracelet, they preserve the artistic traditions passed down from the generations before them. In fact, since art is so infused into the everyday life of the Balinese culture, there were no words to describe “art” or “artists” until Westerners arrived to the island. It’s a privilege to provide work that honors this unique, artistic legacy.


Four in five Wanderer artisans work from home in the company of family and friends. This allows them to take part in every aspect of daily village life - especially important since 70% of them are women, and many have young children.

Today, we have
partnered with over

We work with them by designing, marketing, and distributing these incredible works of art. Each bracelet is a result of the love and hard work of many.

It literally takes a village - and you.