FREE Mystery Bracelet with any Custom Bracelet!

FREE Mystery Bracelet with any Custom Bracelet!

"Proceeds from the sale of Wanderer Bracelet’s Sea Turtle Bracelets in 2017 greatly supported Loggerhead Marinelife Center's ongoing mission of sea turtle and ocean conservation. "  

Loggerhead Marinelife Center


Persistence. Strength. Endurance.

In the face of crashing waves and changing currents, sea turtles navigate the seas with strength and endurance. In some cultures, they also represent the pathway of peace.


Trust. Luck. Endurance.

Slow moving on earth yet fast and maneuverable in water, sea turtles begin as eggs embedded in the sand. After hatching, they rely on their natural yet mysterious intuition to reach the ocean. The hatchling sea turtle symbolizes one’s trust in inner vision, luck, and endurance. Let this bracelet remind you of the overall symbolic power of the hatchling sea turtle, who although appears slow, possesses an unquenchable drive to beat the odds.